Friday, November 8, 2013

SAVEDATA.JP - Ultimate Website for all Your Japanese Game Save Needs!

I know I mentioned SAVEDATA.JP earlier in November 4th's post titled "Musou Orochi 2 Japanese Platinum Game Save"; however, I felt like this awesome website deserves a more honorable and noticeable mention. I also wanted to give a little tutorial on how to navigate the website (whether you understand Japanese or not) and how to download game saves and find game save codes (for usage with Bruteforce Save Data).

So basically, if you're reading this post and are thus far interested, you should head on over to SAVEDATA.JP now. By the way, give it a bookmark as I'm sure you will refer back to it in the future.

When you first arrive at the website, you'll be greeted to a list of game consoles with links next to each:

Sounds like you know what to do right? Yep, simply click on the picture or link to the console you want to find game saves and codes for.

Afterwards, things get a little more complicated if you don't understand Japanese. Ignore all the guff on the top and scroll down the page until you start seeing a list of game names for that console (in Japanese, of course).

Game list for the PS3 page of SAVEDATA.JP
Conveniently, the website provides a link to the game's respective page. Therefore, if you aren't familiar with the Japanese title, simply click on the link and you will be directed to that game's page. There, you can then use the game's box photos to determine what game it is.

Okay, so you have found the game you are looking for. Now what?

There are three links next to each game, these are from left to right: Save Data, Save Edit, Questions and Other.

Save Data will direct to a message board where users on the website can upload their own game save for the game. This is what you will want to go to if you're only looking to download full game saves. Most of the time, these game saves will be 100% complete and have platinum status trophy. Each game save will be different in content and progress, so be sure to read the uploader's description (you can use Google Translate if you don't understand Japanese). Be wary of game saves that are heavily modified with codes, resulting in non-legit data and strange gameplay.

Downloading game saves will require you to resign them to your own PS3 profile before you can use them. Please see my "How to Resign PS3 Game Saves" post for more information regarding this.

Save Edit will direct to a message board where users on the website can share their codes for the game. By codes, I mean the cheats you can apply to game saves via Bruteforce Save Data. This is a more confusing area for those who won't understand Japanese. Regardless, Google Translate can also help here. If you are completely unsure of what a code does, feel free to e-mail me about it and I'll gladly translate it for you!

Questions and Other is a message board where users on the website can exchange information for one another and ask questions about the game. You don't really need to be here unless you understand Japanese.

And that's pretty much it to using SAVEDATA.JP. Simple, easy and effective, right?


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  2. hi, does the codes for japanese version of the games work for the same game from other regions such as US, Asia etc.? eg. codes for Shin Sangoku Musou 7 works for Dynasty Warrior 8 as well

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