Wednesday, January 14, 2015

How to Disable the Affinity System in Dynasty Warriors 8 (Playstation 3)

Do you not like the weapon affinity system present in Dynasty Warriors 8? Well, there is now an easy way to totally annihilate it using the magic value of FF (we'll get onto that in a little bit). By removing it, the combat system essentially returns back to its former Dynasty Warriors 7 days, where you wouldn't have to worry about which affinity to use. Additionally, there would be no storm rush, no variable counter and most importantly, being able to stagger/hitstun every enemy officer in the game regardless of what affinity they have.

So how do you do it exactly? Well, it's actually nothing new at all. Remember when I wrote the weapon modding guide for Dynasty Warriors 8 a long time ago? Remember the part where you could change your weapon's affinity to Heaven, Earth and Man? If so, basically all you need to do is instead of choosing Heaven (00), Earth (01) or Man (02); you replace that value with FF. This renders the weapon in particular to have no affinity whatsoever. No affinity = no inferior or superior affinity to worry about.

If you don't understand what I just said, you should definitely read up on the weapon modding guide. It's not just for the sake of removing affinity, but for also learning how to mod your weapons and have full customization over them.

Regrettably, you can only remove affinity of weapons one at a time, or together as a batch work. There is currently no code yet to automatically remove affinity for all weapons in your possession. Hence, it does take an extra bit of work, but that bit of work may pay off extremely well for those interested.

1/25/2015 UPDATE: I created a code to automatically remove affinity all weapons in your collection, so you no longer have to resort to doing any hex editing. Just apply the cheat code to your Dynasty Warriors 8 game save on Bruteforce and you're affinity free!

[Remove Affinity for All Weapons in Collection]
40015D43 000000FF
47260018 00000000

On Dynasty Warriors 8 (non Xtreme Legends version), there is one side effect of removing affinity from your weapons. It will cause your weapons to do very little damage to enemy officers (on any difficulty). However, elemental and musou damage are not impacted. So if you use this, it's a MUST to put on your weapon a percentage damage element, preferably Cyclone. You can mass change all elements in your weapons by using the codes provided in this post.

I have tested this on the Playstation 3 version of Dynasty Warriors 8 for a few hours and it's fully functional. There are no game issues using it besides what is mentioned above. No crashes and no freezes. 

Doing this on Xtreme Legends is not recommended due to frequent game freezes. Read this updated post for more information on why.

Below is a small demo video of removing affinity in action (notice green affinity vs red/null). I purposely added Cyclone only on the Dragon Spear to show you the damage bug. The damage bug is very apparent in the Dual Hookblades, but the Dragon Spear shows off how elemental and musou damage are not affected.

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