Monday, November 25, 2013

Musou Orochi 2 Ultimate Team Combos (Hyper & Special) #3 - Shennong, Nu Wa, Fu Xi

Alright, this is coming along rather quickly and nicely now. This is team combo number three out of four total, which means there's only one more left to go!


Why were these characters chosen?

Shennong was the obligatory character here, as he's obviously from the new cast of Hyper and Special. I'm never quite fond of Shennong myself, as his character came off as a fruit in my eyes. Sorry, Shennong fans! Nevertheless, I must say his moveset and weapon is quite versatile and can be given endless possibilities with combos.

Along with Nu Wa and Fu Xi, these three characters makes up the mystic team that KOEI TECMO has blessed with a unique triple rush. That is, one that fortunately doesn't break your combo on a single opponent.

Special notes:

This combo was perhaps one of the longest combos I've done as part of this entire series. Like the rest of the combos, this one sort of just developed on its own as I was also experimenting. A lot of interesting things were done with Shennong's C1 freeze and it rather turned out nice.

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