Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Musou Orochi 2 Ultimate 100% Platinum Game Save with Patch 1.05 Updates


Shame on me; the prior game save I posted of this game was a little premature. It was all based upon the ancient patch 1.02, so therefore things weren't as right as they should be. My PS3's wireless internet was misbehaving, so I could not update to more recent patches until recently when I finally got it fixed! I also thought character growth and leveling was quite uneven, so I desired to get them to a more even level.

This game save contains the same data as the original (had you managed to nab it while it was online); however, it is dramatically improved to better suit patch 1.03 through 1.05.

It is highly recommend that you switch to this game save to receive all the new and improved benefits!

  New Changes:
  •  5 star Shin weapons (unlimited mode crafted weapons) now all have +99 attack power from max compatibility. These weapons have been upgraded from max +18 attack power to +99 in patch 1.03, essentially making them now the most strongest weapons you can obtain in the game.
  • 4 star weapons with +99 attack have been removed for every character. They are now worthless in patch 1.03+ (see above).
  • All characters have now been reincarnated at least three times instead of once. Several characters (5-10) have been reincarnated eight to nine times.
  •  Stock experience has been raised to 9,999,999 to adjust to the max limits of patch 1.05. 
  •  Stock weapon attributes in the blacksmith has been all raised to 99.

Game Save Features:
  • 100% unlocked and clear including story and unlimited mode.
  • All 145 characters unlocked (unlimited mode included).
  • 5 star mystic weapon for every character.
  • 5 star Shin weapons for every character (crafted from unlimited mode materials).
  • All weapon attributes unlocked with up to 99 stock.
  • Level 100 for every character.
  • Reincarnation three times for every character; eight to nine times for a few (5-10).
  • All items unlocked and at max power.
  • Max 9,999,999 stock experience.
  • And more!

Feel free to use this game save to help your experience with this game be more enjoyable. However, I do not recommend using it unless you really desire some of its features, as having everything unlocked can potentially spoil the fun factor and longevity of the game.

This game save is only available in Japan region, as the game has not been released anywhere else. When it does come to NA and EU, I'll be sure to give you guys also English versions. But for now, enjoy the Japanese version of the game save, and keep nagging KOEI TECMO to localize, localize, LOCALIZE!!


Remember to resign the game save to your Playstation 3 profile before usage, if you wish to save over it and earn trophies. Full tutorial can be found by visiting this link!

If you need help resigning or want me to resign for you, feel free to e-mail me!


  1. Can you please upload a dynasty warriors 8 xtreme legends jpn save file?

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  5. Wonderpierrot, I humbly ask of you to find a "full attribute stack Bruteforce code or something like that" for me, please ?
    since I couldn't find any when I accessed the English sites, and I couldn't understand when I went to the Japanese ones due to my little knowledge of Japanese.

  6. so does this work with the NA version?