Saturday, June 6, 2015

Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires - How to Individually Change Any Character's Stats (PS3 Mod) and Some Codes

Recently, I've been experimenting with individually altering character stats in saved games on Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires for the Playstation 3 and have been fortunately successful doing so.

One dominant reason which resulted in me ensuing this was so I could lower my controlled character's stats and raise enemy officer stats (particularly attack, health and defense), enabling lengthier combos as officers tends to be annihilated a bit too quickly for my liking. Of course, one could easily reverse that and raise their own character stats to abnormal amounts and the enemy to nothing. Personal choice is a wonderful thing, ain't it?

Anyway, that's probably not important to you—you want to just know how to change a character's stats to anything you want, correct? Well, I'll show you how!

First things first, you'll need the obligatory and rehashed on this blog Bruteforce Save Data. Be sure to download the latest version and update the database pronto (also, run the program as an administrator). I assume you already know how to use Bruteforce Save Data, but if you happen to not, read up a bit on it here and here.

Second, you'll need a save game present on Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires to modify. No, I'm not talking about system data (which cannot be decrypted at the time being), but a save game such as an Empire Mode save and quick save.

Pick the game save you want to use and open it with Bruteforce Save Data, decrypt it and open it with HxD as usual.

You first need to pick the character you want stats changed, taking note of that character's current stats.

In this tutorial, I will change my controlled character's stats (ruler). You can choose any character you wish, as long as that character is present in your current game and you can view their stats.

The first important thing is to view the character's current stats and convert them to hex.

IMPORTANT: You must remove all of your character's item equipments (if you are using any) for this to work. You can re-equip them after you are done changing the stats. Weapons and mounts can be left alone. This only applies to characters you control.

Here is a screenshot of my ruler's stats:

Excuse the Japanese. English version will have no difference aside from language.
Convert the first four stat numbers to hex using this online tool. Four should be sufficient to isolate the specific character and anything less you'll run into the possibility of editing the wrong character.

In my instance, health (520) would be 208, attack (410) would be 19A, defense (550) would be 226 and leadership (510) 1FE.

Put them together IN ORDER and you will get: 208 19A 226 1FE

Now you would think that the hex above would be enough to search out in HxD and change, right? WRONG. This is because KOEI is swapping the hex in Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires. If I searched 208 19A 226 1FE I would never find anything or anything relevant to the actual stat location.

First, if any of your pair of hex are three digits, you will need to prefix a 0 to each one, such as: 0208 019A 0226 01FE

Two digits, you will need to prefix a 00. One digit prefix a 000. Four digits, do not prefix anything. The rule is to keep all pairs of hex four digits.

What you have to do now is to swap the hex. So 0208 019A 0226 01FE = 0802 9A01 2602 FE01.

Notice how the first two digits and last two digits of each pair of hex are swapped around. You must do this for all pairs of hex.

Example again:
0208 > 0802
019A > 9A01
0226 > 2602
01FE > FE01

Now with that hex swapped, you can finally search it using HxD and start changing values.

This is what the search results leads to, spot on!
And here is a general idea of which pair of hex correlates to which stat:

But remember, you have to input your new desired hex swapped as well. So if I wanted 1000 for health, attack, defense and leadership, the hex will be E803 E803 E803 E803 (and not 03E8 03E8 03E8 03E8).

Results of change. Red indicates altered values.
Once you are done, encrypt the game save and presto! You've changed your character's stats! Best of all, it doesn't affect any other character other than the one you changed.

Tip: Once you have obtain the offsets for a certain character's stats, you can reuse those offsets again next time in any game (even a different one from the the one you modified) without redoing all the stats to hex conversion above.

You can also change your materials, money and unit likely in the same manner.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at:

Have fun!

P.S: Want to completely destroy your game and possibly have KOEI coming after your ass? Try these easy to use codes (WORKS ON NTSC/EU VERSIONS ONLY):

[All Characters Max Stats (Except Speed)]
4203F63A 9F860100
43A6005C 00000000
4203F64E E803E803
43A6005C 00000000
4203F652 E803E803
43A6005C 00000000

[All Characters - Max Aptitudes]
4203F65A 64646464
43A6005C 00000000

[Max Matterials 999999]
42005BF4 905F0100
402800E4 00000000

[Max Money 999999]
42005BF8 9F860100
402800E4 00000000

[Max Unit 999999]
42005BFC 905F0100
402800E4 00000000