Sunday, November 24, 2013

Musou Orochi 2 Ultimate Team Combos (Hyper & Special) #2 - Momiji, Zhen Ji, Zhong Hui

Continuing on my work towards my soon to be released Musou Orochi 2 Ultimate - Team Combos Compilation (Hyper & Special) video, here is video footage #2 and team combo of Momiji, Zhen Ji, Zhong Hui.

Just so you know, I do plan on releasing the rest of the video footage before the 28th of Thursday. That is of course, when Shin Sangoku Musou 7: Moushouden (Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends) will be released in Japan. And yes, I do plan on obtaining that game and providing cool video footage of ityou know me; I never say no to another Musou game that isn't about Gundams and random animes!

But just so I don't spoil everything, I'm going to let the last combo video footage be a surprise!


Why were these characters chosen?

Momiji was a prime choice as she's part of the new cast for the Hyper and Special crew, which is what this combo video will be about. The other two characters are actually very important in assisting Momiji with a variety of her attacks.

Zhen Ji was chosen most purely due to her C1a simple 360 aura that has a 100% chance of slowing down enemies for a duration. Why is this of importance? You see, I really desired to incorporate Momiji's true musou in this combo. Since her musou like a lot of other SW characters has such a huge delay before its initial hit (the enemy will be able to recover from it before the initial hit, basically), that isn't going to be possible unless we find a way around it somehow. By utilizing Zhen Ji's C1 plus a single triple rush switch, Momiji can fire her musou during a combo and have it flawlessly connect!

Zhong Hui was another character for assisting in one of Momiji's attacksher R1, that is. Momiji's R1 has a high probability of sending the enemy very far, enough so that a standard switch combo will be difficult to connect. His musou when fired directly after the last hit of her R1 arrows, can counter this easily. Not to mention he has without a doubt one of the best musous in the game. There are actually a lot of other characters can go here, but I just chose Zhong Hui due to my massive familiarity and liking to his moveset.

Oh, and before you ask, the reason I did not use any of the unique triple rush teams with Momiji in it was because she only had one. That one was with Rachel. I simply didn't want to include Rachel again in another combo.

Special notes:

Although this combo appears a bit more simple than the rest, it's actually one of the more difficult ones to execute. This is due to a lot of moves requiring very strict timing to get correct. It also features a lot of advanced techniques, such as step canceling, analog rotation during R1 and others.

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