Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Musou Orochi 2 Ultimate Team Combos (Hyper & Special) #1 - Rachel, Masamune Date, Guo Hai

As you may not have know, I'm currently working on putting out another Musou Orochi 2 Ultimate Team Combos Compilation video, now focused on the newly introduced characters in Hyper and Special, instead of Ultimate.

I'm usually very secretive about these types of combo compilation videos. Prior to the video being publicly released, I'm only potentially handing out the video title and detailing what it's basically going to be about, but never shed any real light on the actual combos and characters being used.

Why's that? I want the video to exert as much surprise and awe as possible in one go. If I were to give everything away, that would ruin it, hmm?

Well, today I decided I'm going to say "Screw that!". Yes, I'm sharing exclusively with blog viewers all my progress on this next combo compilation video. This will include video footage of each combo that will be used in the final video. Consider it as "Behind the Scenes" if you will, but only that you get to look at all of this before the video is publicly released!

*Ahem*, I felt that since I've already released the first video publicly, the amount of surprise and awe is already much felt (especially since this video will be a direct continuation of that). Besides, I'm sure only like 10% of my YouTube audience actually reads this blog. :P

Onwards to today's video footage then!


Why were these characters chosen?

Of course, Rachel is mandatory because she's part of the Hyper and Special crew. Other than that, these characters are chosen simply for one reason: they have a unique triple rush, i.e. KOEI TECMO paired them up because they share similarities with one another.

When I find teams that have unique triple rushes, I always chose them over random teams for my team combos compilation videos. The sole reason is that being equipped with two different triple rushes significantly increases the variety and flashiness of the combo to be executed. Regardless, not all unique triple rushes are created equal. Some unique triple rushes are intended for an enemy crowd and fare poorly against a single opponent, which is what's important here. These unique triple rushes will fail to combo the single opponent effectively, allowing them to escape in midst of it and causing the combo to break.

Thankfully, these three characters have an unique triple rush that doesn't break the combo and allow the single opponent to escape. However, on the negative side, there is absolutely no way to continue juggling after Rachel's final rush attack. Hence, expect to either land it as the final killing blow or cancel it out completely (which is what I did with Masamune's musou).

Rachel also has another unique triple rush with a different team that includes Momiji. However, because I didn't want to include two new characters in one team (to extend the length of the compilation video), I chose to not use it.

Special notes:

All three characters have heavy uses of long distance firing bullets in their moveset arsenals. Hence, ice was something quite important to include to limit the amount of fly back due to their hits. Nevertheless, using ice also increases the probability of the combo failing, as it does not activate 100% all of the time. I think overall this was a good combo, that included all of the characters' signature moves and a flashy triple rush finish at the end.

Can you guess what the next team will be?!!

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