Saturday, September 14, 2013

Wonderpierrot's Video Soundtrack 1

If you've been watching my recent YouTube videos, you'll notice I've been blending in custom background music that isn't part of the actual game or its soundtrack. Quite frankly, I've been growing dreary of using the soundtrack of these games (there are so many times you can hear the same rock and techno tunes), so I decided to put a different spin to and use out-of-the-game tunes and see the results.

Whenever you do something like that however, you're bound to get a few people requesting what the music are, since they don't recognize it but like it.

So this is essentially what this post will be about—detailing what all the unfamiliar music I've been using thus far and giving you links to download these awesome songs.

Songs used in Dynasty Warriors 8 - Top 10 Weapon Elements and Element Setups

Sunrise (Original Mix) - Anton Ishutin
August Noise - 1Touch
Through the Time (Original Mix) - Airform

Songs used in Dynasty Warriors 8 - How to Get the Best Weapons (Weapon Temper Guide)

プロヴィデンス  (Symphony Orchestra Version) - LUNA SEA

Remember, these songs sounds a thousand times better as pure music than they were played over a voice—my voice, that is. Even if you didn't care for or like the songs, I still recommend you give them all a listen, as they truly are awesome tunes—and the reason why I used them!

Also, if you like the songs, remember to support the artists by officially buying their works!


  1. Nice songs, I REALLY <3 the LUNA SEA one. I think I may look up more of their work. :D

  2. The first three songs are very chill.

  3. Finally! Thank you for the song information and download links! You have a nice taste in music, BTW.

  4. Chilling out to August Noise atm. B)

  5. I cant see the download link. Could someone tell me where it is ?

    1. Ah I see that, thanks for the songs and vids wonderpierrot :D