Saturday, September 28, 2013

Getting a large HDTV? Always Get It Inspected Before Signing!

Yesterday a bit of me inside was horrifically tarnished, so much that today I can barely concentrate.

I'm posting this so if you're captured in the same instance as I was, you won't be making the same mistake.

You see, yesterday I finally received my 50" Toshiba HDTV (50L1350U) shipped from Amazon. I wanted to upgrade from my 37" Protron set that was inexplicably experiencing hardware issues, from malfunctioning buttons, burn in and static noises.

Whenever Amazon or another retailer ships out TVs 46" or larger, or large furniture and appliances, they'll almost always transfer it over via a freight delivery company (e.g. CEVA Logistics, Pilot, Eagle, etc.). Mine was done with CEVA Logistics. Interestingly, I have never heard or dealt with this company before in my life. I later found out that it was essentially a delivery service that included "White Glove service", i.e. they'll be offering extra convenience services such as hauling the large item to a room of destination in your house. If it's a television set, they'll offer to unpack the box, set the TV up, check for damages and see if it's working.

Take note of the bold text. This was the reason for the illness of this post—don't ever accept and sign for a delivery of a TV or other large item without inspecting it for damage! As it unfortunately turns out, I didn't and the TV had large cracks on the screen when I unboxed it, rendering it basically a paper weight.

If ever there occurs damages or defects during the inspection process, refuse delivery and contact the retailer where you purchased it from. If they want to stay in business, they'll offer to refund or replace it for free.

I was so scared of not being able to return or exchange the TV, as I clearly signed the paper work that indicated it was in GOOD condition. Fortunately, since Amazon had great customer service, I called them up the day after and they had no issues setting up a refund. It would be completely disastrous if I would lose $700 for nothing!

So you're probably asking, why did he sign for delivery without prior inspection for damages and defects? It was because the box looked to be in great condition with no physical damages, so I thought nothing could be wrong (guess again!). I additionally didn't feel safe letting a sole stranger in my house, handling the new equipment and potentially damaging something. He was also alone when it clearly states there should be at least two delivery men for the service.

Anyways, consider this a lesson learned. Since Amazon no longer has the TV in stock, I have to wait at least 2 or more weeks to get a refund and buy from somewhere else like Best Buy. I was really looking forward to this TV too, as the reviews on it have been superb! D:

I also have to say CEVA failed to impress me and I would not like to deal with them again. Not only did they miss my initial delivery appointment and refused to call me prior to actual delivery, I believe they were the ones who damaged the TV. I mean, the bottom of the box was even opened for no reason.

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