Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dynasty Warriors 8 - 3 Hidden Gameplay Things

I apologize for the lack of posts this month, but it's also been a pretty busy and hectic month for me. I additionally didn't have a lot to blog about besides personal things—which I'm sure none of you care about. I do have some more content planned in the forthcoming weeks, so stay tuned and stay subscribed! :D

Anyways, I thought about doing a mini post regarding three hidden gameplay things you may not know about in Dynasty Warriors 8. These are not game changing by any means, but they are interesting nevertheless. I actually found some of these out by pure accident.

1: Instant Affinity Shield Breaking  

The next time you approach an officer with an inferior weapon affinity, get into close range, then proceed to do an interim save.

Reload the game and the officer's affinity shield is instantly completely destroyed without you having to do anything!

There isn't much use to this in normal gameplay, but it's definitely useful to provide normally impossible combos (see number 2).

2: Eliminate Recovery for Named Officers  

Here's something you might not know about—if an enemy officer has his or her affinity shield totally destroyed, they will no longer be able to do any sort of recovery, or somersault. You can switch to a inferior or neutral affinity, and they'll still retain the inability to recover.

This trick was actually used in my mega combo compilations volume 1 video, to achieve the normally impossible.

3: Unit Commanders Have No Recovery  

Unit commanders are like named officers, but they lack one thing in common—recovery. They will almost never attempt to recover when falling on the ground or during an air recoverable attack. So go ahead, and do the normally impossible juggles with them.

Got anything else you'd like to share that I or we don't know about?

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  1. Number one looks very interesting if it is indeed a bug. I might give that one a try next time I'm on DW8.