Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dynasty Warriors 8 Mega Combos Compilation Volume 2

I like to thank everyone for viewing my Dynasty Warriors 8 Mega Combos Compilation Volume 1, leaving comments and voting for characters you want presented in the next volume.

I have tallied the results up, looked at them closely and have compiled the list of characters that will most likely be on volume 2.

Nothing is entirely final and the combos are yet to be executed and recorded. That's why I'm listing more potential most likely characters than the 10 maximum per volume. This is to also factor in subsequent volumes past 2, as I'm contemplating on making at least 3 of these.

I'm also listing "maybe" characters that may or may not be on subsequent volumes, and finally "most likely not" characters that are well, most likely not to be on any volumes.

Most Likely:
  • Diao Chan
  • Da Qiao
  • Guan Yinping
  • Jia Chong
  • Zhong Hui
  • Wang Yi
  • Zhao Yun
  • Ling Tong
  • Zhen Ji 
  • Wen Yang
  • Zhang Fei
  • Wang Yuanji
  • Yuan Shao
These characters have good to excellent combo capabilities and additionally have the highest amount of user votes. Therefore, they would be the best to showcase in the next volume. Listed from highest votes to lowest votes.

  • Lu Bu
  • Yue Ying*
  • Zhuge Dan*
  • Sima Zhao
  • Li Dian*
  • Zhang Bao*
  • Gan Ning
  • Lu Xun*
  • Han Dang*
  • Guo Jia
  • Sun Ce*
These characters have questionable to average combo capabilities. Although they may have a high amount of user votes, they may not be worth showcasing due to that reason. Asterisk (*) represents a character/moveset I haven't really experimented with for combos, so I may move characters here up to most likely if they turn out to have good combo capabilities.

Most Likely Not: 
  • Cao Pi
  • Sima Yi  
  • Xiahou Ba
These characters have poor to no combo capabilities. Therefore, doing combo videos for them are likely impossible.

If I didn't list a character that you or someone else has voted for, that probably means there were not enough votes—usually only one or two.

Estimated date of the next volume will be out by September 28th. I will post the final list of characters prior to the video being uploaded to YouTube.


  1. Please do combos of the mighty Lu Bu!

  2. Damn, y u no put Cao Cao?!! But joke aside, I'm really looking forward to the next volume judging by how awesome the first was!

  3. Looks to be awesome! Mostly cause all the characters I requested to see are on the top list. So, when do you think this will be released, cause you said it's now delayed indefinitely?

  4. I hope you have those dual stiletto dlc and maybe use them for wang Yuanji

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