Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dynasty Warriors 8 English YouTube Videos Schedule

I unfortunately have nothing really worthwhile to write up today, so I thought about simply doing something a little different—writing a post about my planned schedule for Dynasty Warriors 8 English videos on my YouTube channel. This way, you'll precisely know what to expect in the upcoming days, rather than mindlessly anticipating what's next.

First off, let's get into a basic summary of the videos. There will be the obligatory rest of the kingdom CG and event cutscenes, including Wu, Shu and Wei. There will then be a few more chaos gameplay videos (with selected characters I cannot detail yet). Next, there will be some guide videos, such as a top 10 weapon attributes video. Lastly, there will be a full in-depth video review of the game that I'm hoping to finish and upload by the end of this month. Any other videos are not in my schedule at the moment, but that may change.

Dynasty Warriors 8 English Videos Schedule List (a day each):
  • Shu CG cutscenes + events
  • Gameplay
  • Wu CG cutscenes + events
  • Gameplay
  • Wei CG cutscenes + events
  • Best Weapon Attributes (Top 10)
  • Weapon Tempering Guide
  • Video Review

You may ask—what about Mega Combos Compilation volume 2? Well, I did not list it or take in consideration of it, because I do not plan on using the English version of the game to continue the combo compilation videos. Mostly because of the built-in patch 1.04 and to keep consistency.

If you have any ideas of any videos you'll like me to make of the English version of this game, feel free to either leave a post here or on my YouTube inbox/channel.

Just don't request things I won't ever do, including:

Walkthroughs - There are already an over abundance of these available on YouTube for this game and virtually ever other game. Personally, walkthroughs are super boring to me to watch even with commentary, and making one would be even worse. I also don't like the idea of spamming my subscribers feed with tons of videos per day.

Let's Plays - I don't like playing a game until I'm well versed in the gameplay mechanics and have a lot of it already unlocked. Hence, doing let's play goes against that.


  1. Agreed that you shouldn't be doing walkthroughs, I don't like them either I just use FAQs if I need help. We want something more fun to watch haha. Can't wait to see the rest of the cutscenes too. I don't have the game yet because I only have a 360 right now. :(

  2. Can't wait to see the rest of the English cutscenes!