Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dynasty Warriors 8 Wei Trailer English Voices Review

As you know, TECMO KOEI EU has released an official trailer of Dynasty Warriors 8 that includes the entire Wei kingdom and their respective English voices. Yes, this game is the first game in a long while to feature the well missed English dubs in the international release.

Here are just my short thoughts on their voices.

Cao Cao: He has his voice from Dynasty Warriors 7. I always sort of liked and hated it at the same time. For one, it does eminently fit his appearance and persona; on the other hand it just reminds me too much of Nobunaga's voice. On the contrary, the Japanese version has had different voice actors for both Nobunaga and Cao Cao.

Xiahou Yuan: Same voice from Dynasty Warriors 7. It fits him well enough, I suppose.

Xiahou Dun: Same voice from Dynasty Warriors 7. I absolutely love his voice. Very badass and very fitting and also brilliantly superior to that grunty voice of his Japanese counterpart.

Cao Ren: Same voice from Dynasty Warriors 7. His voice has always stricken to me as being good; I have no complaints with it then, I don't have any now.

Li Dian: Young and nerdy, but it suits his wacky face and hairstyle. Could've been a lot worse to be honest.

Yue Jin: Laughably bad. Atrocious. Unprofessional, amateurish delivery. Sounds like a teenager being overly excited playing with toy swords. He also sounds like Li Dian for some odd reason.

Zhang Liao: Same voice from Dynasty Warriors 7, or at least I believe so, as he does sound a bit different (a little higher pitched). No problems with his voice though.

Dian Wei: Same voice from Dynasty Warriors 7. Although his English voice suits his brute appearance better, I just find the Japanese voice too awesome with those high pitched tongue rolling attack screams.

Jia Xiu: Same voice from Dynasty Warriors 7. Slightly raspy and very pirate-esque, but it attaches to his appearance well. Good enough for me.

Xu Shu: Same voice from Dynasty Warriors 7. Am I not too damn crazy for thinking his English and Japanese voices are from the same voice actor? It seems so to me. Then again, I think anyone can churn out that retarded, low pitch voice of his he's ill fated to be destined with.

Xu Huang: May be a different voice actor. Somehow a very amateurish delivery in this scene and hardly any emotion. Hardly likeable.

Zhen Ji: Same voice from Dynasty Warriors 7. Absolutely perfect in every way.

Zhang He: Same voice from Dynasty Warriors 7. You either hate it or love it; I love it to be honest.

Guo Jia: Another overly young, nerdy voice type with the dreaded nasally attribute. If that was anyone else but Guo Jia, it would be utter fail, sort of like Cao Pi lip-syncing over it.

Cao Wenji: Not shown at all, aww… but I'm pretty sure it'll be her same voice from Dynasty Warriors 7. I have no idea why they omitted her voice, perhaps it's because they have yet to find a voice actor for her?

Pang De: It sounds alright, but could use a little more touch of badassery like the badass he is.

Wang Yi: Decent, but I take her Japanese voice over this one any day.

Cao Pi: Same voice from Dynasty Warriors 7. Akin to his wife Zhen Ji, this one's also absolutely perfect.

Remember, Dynasty Warriors 8 will come out in English for North America on July 16th and Europe on July 19th!


  1. Interesting review wonder... although I tend to agree with you on most of the voices. Yue Jin's English voice actor needs to seriously GTFO. The others are okay to decent.

  2. I know DW8 is coming out soon, but this trailer makes me less excited for the game and you know why...

  3. Silly wonderpierrot, you spelt Xu Zhu wrong. Xu Shu is the Shu character lol.