Wednesday, July 24, 2013

6 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Videos

Today's post is another tips and tricks post—specifically, I'll show you 6 good ways to promote your YouTube videos, so you can end up with more views, likes and subscribers!

1.) Submit your videos to GameFAQs

If your videos are gaming related, this method works quite well in boosting your video's viewership and popularity. GameFAQs is a huge user content generated gaming site that draws in a ton of traffic from all across the world. The best part about GameFAQs is the availability for anyone to share their own gaming reviews, screenshots and videos for any game.

Here's how you submit your gaming videos to GameFAQs:
  1. Go to GameFAQs and register for a free user account.
  2. Use the search tool to find the game of your videos.
  3. Click on the "Videos" link and scroll all the way down until you see "Video Submission Form".
  4. Fill out the form with your video details and then click "Submit".
  5. Repeat the process to submit more videos.
  6. Once your videos are approved (almost all of them do), they will appear in the videos section of the game.

2.) Post your video as a video response to popular, similar videos

If you discover a video that is similar in content to your own video, and that video additionally has a good amount of views, try posting your own video as a video response to it. You don't know how well this works for me sometimes. For instance, my Monster Hunter Tri - Deviljho Switchaxe Heroics Solo video was not heavily seen until I posted it as a video response to a similar Monster Hunter Tri Deviljho Switchaxe solo video. From then on, my video exploded and it now has more than 30x the views as that video I posted a response to!

Want to be more daring? You can even post a comment on that video, requesting people to check out your own video and why they need to. Ask your YouTube friends to help you out by thumbing up the comment so it can appear as one of the video's Top Comments.

3.) Use Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are kings of social networking. Millions of people are on everyday—sometimes every minute—checking for the latest tweets and posts from the people they are following. So take this amazing fact for your own personal benefit. Post all the videos you upload to both Facebook and Twitter. Ask all your followers and friends to help you out by posting your videos on their page. By doing so, you'll earn a lot more viewership for your videos.

4.) Link and intertwine all your videos to one another if possible

Whenever your videos are in a series or constitute similar subjects, try grouping them together so viewers can easily transfer from one video to another. You can do so by using annotation links, using video descriptions or even posting a comment on the videos.

For example, I often do a series of videos on a game's cutscenes. Whenever that occurs, I always link cutscene videos to each other with annotation links and links in the videos' descriptions. You can't assume all your viewers will know to check out your channel for other similar videos. This makes it a heft easier for them, and that's good!

5.) Post your videos in forums

This trick is similar to number 1, as you'll be sharing your videos to a large public community, only now you're directly sharing with them via forums.

First, find the largest forums that is in the same subject as your videos. For instance, if I was doing gaming videos, I would search for a forums that dealt with gaming and preferably that game alone (e.g. GameSpot Forums).

Next, post a topic with the link to your video(s). Try to not make your post seem like spam material by providing the forums members reasons why they should check out your video. Additionally, ask for suggestions and feedback on the videos so your topic can have some actual replies.

6.) Ask your viewers and friends to like, comment and favorite your videos

I know you might think this will make you seem desperate or even beggar quality—but the fact of the matter is, it helps improve your views significantly.

This is because every time someone likes, comments or favorites a video, that video gets posted to their public feed. Hence, all that person's subscribers will see what they liked, commented and/or favorited. They will then be inclined to check your video out.

You can ask for this anywhere: directly in your videos, in your video description or in annotations.

Just remember not to do this too much or spam your videos everywhere with "please like, comment and favorite!", as you'll then be likely viewed as a desperate ebeggar, which no one likes.

That's all of the bunch! These methods are working methods I personally use to help me boost my views, likes and subscribers on YouTube. Do you have any other methods you can think of? Feel free to give it a share!


  1. Great tips mate! I'll be sure to follow them!

  2. Lol, I put a video response to your Cao Cao video, hope you won't mind, wonderpierrot. XD