Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Just Got My Largest Check Yet from SurveySavvy!

Here is proof that yes, you can indeed make a decent amount of money online filling out surveys and that not every one of them are scams. This check was from SurveySavvy, one of my favorite paid consumer survey/research sites that I detailed in this earlier post and currently the only one I'm engaged to.

In fact, more than $200 of this money was from essentially not doing anything but filling out a few five minute surveys and installing some software (that you can leave alone once installed) on a computer, tablet and smartphone. The software is called SavvyConnect and it basically just monitors what websites you visit (using it for research purposes obviously). They pay heavily for using this software. I get offers from $50-$200 in projects that involve using SavvyConnect. Like I said, the best part is not having to do anything but leave the software installed and take a few short surveys from time to time.

I have another $225 check coming shortly from SurveySavvy. Booyah!

So if you are interested, definitely consider joining SurveySavvy, check out their SavvyConnect software (install it) and start earning some extra cash very easily.

But wait, you will want to use my referral link to sign up:

That way, you and I can both earn a extra percentage of each other's earnings.  Don't worry, we won't lose any of our earnings. Hence, there's nothing to lose for both of us!

P.S: In no way am I being paid by SurveySavvy to post this. These are all my honest words and experience and I'm simply providing information on how to earn some money online easily.

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