Saturday, August 31, 2013

Make Easy Extra Cash with SurveySavvy Surveys

I'd like to share with everyone a website I've been involved with for a long time, and one that's been helping me bring in spare extra cash that I've been splurging myself with—SurveySavvy.

Now, it's probably what you're exactly thinking. It's one of those websites that gives you money per survey you complete, right? Correct.

SurveySavvy is clearly one of the best paid survey websites I've used, and over the years I've used many, including SurveySpot, Opinion Outpost, Sendearnings, Inboxdollars and others. The amount of surveys they invite you to daily is very high (around 1-3 per day) and the amount you get paid is top notch. I usually receive surveys from anywhere from $1.00 all the way to $20.00. Depending on the incentive received, these surveys will take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour to complete.

I've gotten invited to and allowed to participate in quite a few awesome and memorable studies. Here are some of them:

Get paid $5 every month for letting SurveySavvy look at all the spam e-mail in your account.
No, it's not some horrible scam to lure you into having a evil doer steal your e-mail account and identity, it's an awesome study that helps study what kind of spam e-mail companies and individuals are sending customers and random people. The best part about this? You don't even have to do anything! It's like you're getting paid for free! I have no idea what exactly they are deciding to do with their findings, but hopefully they'll use it somehow to try to cut back on the annoying spam e-mails!

Get paid $10 every month for letting SurveySavvy take all your junk mail.
We're talking about real mail here, not electronic e-mail (you know, the physical ones that usually comes in envelopes). But this right here is a double pro. Not only are they getting rid of your junk mail for you for free, but they in addition are paying you to do so! The process is even ridiculously simple: just put all your junk mail in one of their prepaid envelopes they send you, send it off to them, and just wait for the payment check!

Get paid for eating food.
Yes, you heard me right. SurveySavvy has several studies where they'll actually send you free food samples and you get to eat them AND you get paid! How cool is that, getting paid to eat free food? Of course, you still have to take a survey giving them feedback after you've eaten the food. In the recent years, I've gotten full bloody meals from them that I could eat once and not be hungry again for the rest of the day.

Get paid for testing out physical products.
Essentially similar to the above, except instead of being edibles, these ones are physical products you use on yourself or whatever. Some of the things I've been sent are shower soaps, shaving cream and skin lotions. They almost always send you a generous amount, so it's almost the same as buying a full sized product of that kind from the store.

Can you be rich with SurveySavvy or other survey websites? Probably not, but it's not pennies either. Combined with another survey website I recommend (SurveySpot), I have made around $1,000 in a little over a year. That's quite a bit of extra money!

I guarantee you'll have a fun time taking their surveys, participating in some of their special studies mentioned above, and getting paid for it. It's also especially good to know that you're giving feedback to help improve upcoming products and other things.

If you want to join SurveySavvy and give them a shot, click on the link below to sign up. It's 100% free!

This post and message are not in anyway sponsored or endorsed by SurveySavvy, OK?!


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