Sunday, November 23, 2014

Samurai Warriors 4 Weapon Modding Now Possible on PS3!

All you modders can happily rejoice, as Samurai Warriors 4's game save can now be successfully decrypted with Bruteforce Save Data without corruption, thanks to chaoszage's Samurai Warriors 4 Checksum Fixer Tool. If you are unfamiliar with what decrypting a game save does, it essentially destroys the encryption and allows editing of its data. This makes it possible to make all sorts of changes to your game save's data, including of course the modification of weapons.

This is pure software without the need of devices such as Game Genie or Cyber Save Editor.

So here's basically how you do it:

First, you need to have the latest version of Bruteforce Save Data installed. If not, you should at least have updated your cheats repository to the latest database.

Second, you'll need chaoszage's Samurai Warriors 4 Checksum Fixer Tool. Without this tool, you will end up with corruption after decrypting and encrypting. You can download it here.

Open your Samurai Warriors 4's game save using Bruteforce Save Data, decrypt it, edit the data as you would normally (or apply cheats), run the Checksum Fixer Tool on the game save, then encrypt it with Bruteforce Save Data.

Transfer the game save to your PS3 and you should be good to go!

Weapon Modification Codes and Skill Values:

All 1st Weapon Skills Mod
42003884 05050505
403c0110 00000000
42003888 05050505
403c0110 00000000
4200388c aabbccdd
403c0110 00000000
42003890 eeffgghh
403c0110 00000000
42003894 05050505
403c0110 00000000
42003898 05050505
403c0110 00000000
4200389c 02020202
403c0110 00000000
420038A0 02020202
403c0110 00000000
Use link above to refer the skills effects

Fill aa,bb,cc,dd,ee,ff,gg,hh with value below:

00   Potency
01   Range
02   Counrage
03   Impact
04   Fury
05   Underdog
06   Momentum
07   Clarity
08   Verity
09   Concentration
0A   Fortitude
0B   Stability
0C   Elasticity
0D   Bravery
0E   Determination
0F   Resolve
10   Nullification
11   Zeal
12   Conviction
13   Resurrection
14   Alacrity
15   Blaze
16   Shock
17   Frost
18   Wind
19   Diamond
1A   Reaper
1B   Rampage
1C   Impulse
1D   Awakening
1E   Cavalry
1F   Equestrian
20   Connoisseur
21   Collector
22   Hoarder
23   Constitution
24   Expert
25   Endurance
26   Paladin
27   Stimulus

Modding weapons directly with a hex editor:

You could theoretically mod the weapons without using the code above directly via a hex editor, if you require only specific weapons be altered. Again, this process should be identical to Dynasty Warriors 8. Write down your weapon's skills in hex as it appears in order, then use the search function in a hex editor to replace skills. This process has not yet been tested, so there is no guarantee yet of it working.

Some other fun codes if you're THAT lazy:

Max Gold
20007842 000F423F

Max Kills

2000784A 05F5E0ff

All Gems Max
200078BC 63636363
200078C0 63636363

All Chars Proficiency Max

42000C44 14141414
403C0044 00000000

All 1st Weapon Becomes Rare

40003883 00000000
403c0110 00000002

Notice: This is all specifically for the US/EU versions of Samurai Warriors 4. If you need codes and values for the Japanese version, visit


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