Monday, August 5, 2013

Dynasty Warriors 8 Weapon Elements - Honorable Mentions

In the Dynasty Warriors 8 - Top 10 Best Elements and Element Setups video, I went through what I believe to be the top 10 best and most useful weapon elements in the game. Since the list was decided on 10 entries however, that doesn't automatically assume any other elements not listed aren't good and should be avoided. In actuality, there are quite a bit of weapon elements not listed that can be beneficial dependent on how you utilize it.

In this post, I'm going to briefly go over a few honorable mentions of weapon elements that aren't on the top 10 and why you should use them. They are not listed in any particular order.


Aggression increases your musou damage. At level 10, the damage multiplier becomes X1.5. Musous are already pretty powerful. Adding aggression to it can amplify it even more so. Nevertheless, X1.5 may not be that significant to notice a huge difference.


Fury allows you to use a true musou attack at any given time, regardless of your health. Paired with aggression, it can pump up your musou damage to great heights.


Morass slows down any enemy's attack speed and moving speed. The effect lasts quite a long while even though the actual status infliction is completely random (on every successful attack). One of the biggest benefits is being much safer from enemy attacks, since they move and attack very slow. The biggest downside to morass is that it can make combos/juggles all the way from being easier to downright impossible. Therefore, I would never recommend going with a level 10 morass all the time. You need to experiment with the right level to see which best suits your type of moveset/weapon.


Frost is essentially the ice of Dynasty Warriors 8, freezing enemies at random. It's not as effective as it was in Dynasty Warriors 7, as the freeze rate has been significantly reduced. Worse, there seems to be a weird bug with it. When you freeze an officer, you might visually see them frozen but immediately after they will break out from it. This causes you to get instant attacked and potentially lose health. On the good side, it does its job of stopping an enemy dead in their tracks, allowing you to punish them during their frozen state.


Whereas frost is the ice element of Dynasty Warriors 8, inferno is the fire element. Enemies engulfed in flames will suffer continuous damage until it wears off. It works very similar to past series, but the damage and usability is definitely not as good as it was.


Frenzy is like a daredevil element. It greatly increases your attack but greatly decreases your defense, up to 20% at level 10. Storm Rush seems to benefit greatly from this, but you still need to watch out on harder difficulties, as you can be instant KOed by anything from an officer's counter to any of their musous. If you really want extreme offense power, cyclone would be the better choice.

So, do you have any other elements you know of that weren't on any of the lists? Let me know!


  1. How about elements like Awareness, Rigidity, Swiftness, etc?

  2. And the ones like Rakshasa, Shining Warrior, Battle Axe,

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