Sunday, October 11, 2015

Dynasty Warriors 8 (PS3) - Game Save Now Available that Removes Affinity from All Weapons!

I have gotten some attention regarding the post "How to Disable the Affinity System in Dynasty Warriors 8 (Playstation 3)" and its subsequent follow-ups. For some, the idea seemed brilliant: finally be able to rid of that irritating weapon affinity system in its entirety with little to no side effects, playing the game once again like its Dynasty Warriors 7 and past days.

However, many aren't that keen on doing the required manual tasks themselves, including transferring their saves to their PC, using software to modify hex values, yada yada. For some, it may require too much brain power and work, even though it probably would take an average person less than 5-10 minutes total to accomplish... But still, I understand completely, really...

Well, what if I told you that you didn't have to do any work at all, or very little to get this experience? Well now, as a few have requested, I am providing a game save that already removes all affinity from every weapon in the game. That's right, just download the save for your correct region, transfer it to your PS3, then enjoy Dynasty Warriors 8 the way it should have been (if you aren't catching up this point, hint: I despise the affinity system like a lot of people).


There are some caveats to this save, however. All weapons will have the same elements (in the save, the elements for every weapon will be Cyclone lv. 5, Slash lv. 10, Thunder lv. 10, Velocity lv. 10, Flurry lv. 10, Thorns lv. 10). In addition, any new weapons you obtain will not be granted the no affinity effect.

To get around this, you will need to refer to this post for details on how to reapply no affinity to newly obtained weapons and change weapon elements and their levels (YES, THIS WILL REQUIRE SOME MANUAL WORK!).

Also, if you want to be able to save any new progress, you must resign the save too. Refer to the Playstation 3 Save Resign Tutorial.

Have fun, and let's hope Dynasty Warriors 9 will not have the less than stellar weapon affinity system!

Below is an extended gameplay demo of the modification:

BTW, if you are wondering what music that's playing in the background in the above video, it's a song I created myself—for fun and because I was tired of getting copyright claims on every video I put music to. I call it "Pink Sky" and you can download the song here:

Oh, about the beautiful cosplay photo that doesn't have anything to do with this post other than being DW8? That's just there to get your attention, duh!


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