Sunday, January 25, 2015

New Code to Mass Remove Affinity from All Your Weapons in Dynasty Warriors 8 (Playstation 3) + Xtreme Legends Findings

This is an update to the post - How to Disable Weapon Affinity in Dynasty Warriors 8 (Playstation 3).

I've created a code to now remove affinity from all weapons in your collection in Dynasty Warriors 8 for Playstation 3. Just simply decrypt your game save in Bruteforce, apply the cheat code, encrypt and you're now affinity free for all weapons that you currently own! No hex searching and editing required! Of course, you have to reapply the code when you obtain new weapons.

[Remove Affinity for All Weapons in Collection]
40015D43 000000FF
47260018 00000000

You can still manually remove affinity from specific weapons only by doing it the hex method, as described in the original post. This is just an easy way to get rid of affinity entirely with little work.

Remember, put Cyclone (a low to high level) as one of your elements on each weapon you decide to use without affinity.

You can use the following code to mass change all elements on all weapons in your collection:

[All Weapons Elements Change]
42015D45 0CXXXXXX
47260018 00000000
41015D49 0000XXXX
47260018 00000000

Replace each XX with your desired element. See the weapon modding guide for element values. First 0C is for Cyclone, I suggest you do not change it. 

[All Weapons Elements Level 10]
42015D4B 0A0A0A0A
47260018 00000000
41015D4F 00000A0A
47260018 00000000

Xtreme Legends Testing Results: Do not attempt this on Xtreme Legends for now. Removing affinity in Xtreme Legends will cause the game to freeze. The reasoning behind it is because Xtreme Legends added gray affinity, which equates to the game's new "no affinity". Unit Commanders are the only enemies you will see with gray affinities. Attempting to use gray affinity on your own weapons will cause the game to crash, with reasons only the game developer will know.

In the original version of Dynasty Warriors 8, there is no such thing as gray affinity and removing affinity will always result in your affinity being red (during battle). Even though red, you are still technically affinity free (and also freeze free).


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  2. So here's a thing:
    I used the code to remove weapon Affinities in DW8 and it...didn't work quite as intended.
    Oh, it removed all the Affinities from my weapons alright, but it made killing enemy Officers a real pain in the ass. Normal attacks do very little damage regardless of difficulty level or attack power, and the only way I can damage Officers is with certain Strong, Charge, or Musou attacks. Attacks while in Rage mode are still effective, as are True Rage attacks; however, even if my weapon has Cyclone, Officers will take no damage at all if they're blocking. Weapons with Flash have no effect as well.

    So here's my predicament- I only used the code after I'd already completed all difficulties for all Story modes and unlocked a bunch of things. Now all of my weapons are essentially useless against enemy Officers. I -really- don't want to delete my save file and start over from scratch, so I'm trying to find a way to hex edit Affinities back onto all of my weapons, even if they're just all the same Affinity. Can you provide any tips on how to do so? I'd really appreciate it.

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