Sunday, December 8, 2013

Curse Union for Gamers - May Be the Best Gaming YouTube Network 2014 and Beyond

I know I've talked about YouTube's upcoming monetization change regarding YouTube networks for the past few days and you all are probably sick of it, but this may be the last you'll hear from me until it actually goes into effect.

I was reading around on YouTube community forums and stumbled upon a network I've never heard about and desperately wished I had from the start—Curse Union for Gamers.

Just simply clicking on the link above and going to their website will amaze anyone with what they're offering to their partners if you join their network, including:
  • Custom-designed tools to help you manage your video content     
  • A comprehensive dashboard to display analytics and keep you informed     
  • Ability to promote across multiple Curse platforms     
  • 90% revenue share, no lock-in, and complete branding control
The 90% revenue share is probably the highest percentage I've seen offered from a network. With the added bonus of no lock-in (meaning you aren't bond tied to them for a specific amount of time via contract), I think this is some serious stuff to beat!

But the most beneficial bit of it all, which is actually somewhat obscured, is that they are planning on making 95% of their partners as managed instead of affiliates. The other 5% will be for newly joined partners, but soon will be also shifted to managed after a few weeks of no copyright issues. At least this is what they issued publicly, although things like these can always be subjected to alterations.

Now, if you read my previous post, you know how crucial it is to become managed instead of affiliate to retain instant monetization and avoid YouTube review. Becoming managed on other networks will be a demanding task, as they are likely to put only their owners and very large channels in this category.

Curse Union for Gamers do have a requirement to join, but these are very lenient. They are: 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 views in the last month or 8,000 views in the last month + 80% videos are gaming related.

I really think if you want to survive and thrive in 2014 and beyond with a gaming channel, you're going to want to join something like Curse Union for Gamers. I for one will be immediately disbanding my ties with RPM Networks and joining them as soon as my contract expires. Not that I hate RPM Networks, but I feel Curse Union for Gamers offers so much more. Unfortunately, I will have to wait for 2015 for that to happen, as I found out I am already too late to cancel the second year auto renewal. That's a hint to you also—always thoroughly read the contract, know the details and what you're getting into before signing and remember cancellation deadlines if you plan on leaving!

You can join Curse Union for Gamers by applying here.


Curse has changed their policy regarding managed and affiliates partners under their network. They will now like most other networks only put trusted partners as managed and if they have good relationship with them. They will in the future state they will be releasing actual requirements to be managed. Remember, it is still an excellent choice to join them if you are a gaming channel because of their no lock-in, 90% revenue share and no payment threshold!

If you guys are looking for a YouTube network that actually does currently put all their partners as managed, I just found out about Freedom network. It is a brand new network created by one of the guys from TGN. It also has no lock-in but lower 60% revenue share. You can read more about Freedom on their website at:

P.S: I just signed another one year contract with RPM Networks, but not by choice! Luckily, I was able to convince them to up the revenue share to 70% instead of 60%. This is going to be one, long year!!

Dont join Freedom. Those fuckers are horrible. Took 2 months for them to approve my application when Curse did it in 1 day! Never accepted freedom after getting in.

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Freedom accepted my application in 2 minutes...

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