Thursday, December 18, 2014

Creative Nation is launching a new YouTube Network for gamers that gives you 100% revenue share!

"We're launching a gamers+ network option very soon which I think you will be interested. We can offer you 100% of your revenue." 

are the words that echoed from a new upcoming YouTube Network for gamers called Gamers+, which is scheduled to be up and running in approximately 30 days.

Here is a screenshot of what the network offers and its incredibly hefty requirements:

Yes, I said hefty requirements, especially the view count. After my departure from Maker Gen today, I'm trying to join a different network. I may qualify for Gamers+, but I'm not going to jump on board just yet. It's generally wise to wait until a few reviews rolls around and see if this magical network lives up to its claim. We do know that Creative Nation has been around for awhile and the reviews for them has been generally positive (but not nearly as favorable as Curse). Creative Nation also grants a 90/10 revenue split like Curse for their regular network, and now they additionally offer a no-lock in contract too (which is quite important).

So if you happen to not qualify for Gamers+, you may still join their regular network. Since both Creative Nation and Curse offers no-lock in, you can't go wrong with either. And if your channel isn't 80% gaming related, Creative Nation would then be your only choice (if you desire the 90/10 revenue split, that is).

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