Friday, October 11, 2013

Hauppauge HD-PVR Fixed, and Early!

You know how I said two days ago that the culprit to my Hauppauge HD-PVR malfunctioning was the power supply? Well, I was absolutely right!

Earlier, I checked the shipment status of the replacement power supply I ordered October 9th on eBay. To my dismay, it still hasn't shipped—even though the seller clearly states that they always ship the same day of payment... Pfft...

Just as a shot in the dark, I additionally wrote a nice e-mail to Hauppauge themselves about the failing power supply and if they could send me a new one (keep in mind I'm nearly 3 years pass the warranty). Now, I've been very pleased with Hauppauge's customer support over the years I've own the HD-PVR. At one time (still pass the warranty), I requested a replacement driver/software CD because I lost my original one. Hauppauge asked no questions at all and immediately sent the latest CD out when they confirmed my shipping address.

Sure enough, the prompt response e-mail regarding the power supply simply said "Please give me your full name and address so we can ship out a new power supply.". Brilliant, not even a mention of a serial number to check warranty status! Either Hauppauge has outstanding customer service or they already knew something fishy was up with the NetBit power supplies shipped with the original HD-PVR.

Anyways, I didn't want to wait a week plus to get my HD-PVR working again, so I dug around the house to see if I have a similar power supply I could use for the time being. Low and behold, I found a power supply to my old D-Link router which fits the specifications of the HD-PVR's power supply almost perfectly (5V DC 2.5 Amp Output). So I removed the nasty NetBit power supply and plugged in the D-Link power supply to my HD-PVR and presto... everything back to normal! 

But now I have sort of a minor dilemna, I have two extra power supplies being shipped to me that's going to be of no use at the moment. One cost me $13 and the other free. I will probably be keeping both for backup, as you would never know if one could fail on you.

To summarize: YouTube videos will be back online today or tomorrow. Also, expect the Musou Orochi 2 Ultimate review and 100% game save very soon! Also, if you happen to have similar problems with your HD-PVR like mine, try replacing the power supply before declaring it dead. If you can't find a replacement power supply, e-mail Hauppauge and I'm sure they'll send you a new one even if out of warranty.

Thanks for reading and always checking back for updates! :)

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  1. Nice to know that you got it fixed quick. Now we await more videos. :D